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How to Prepare Your Kids to Avoid a Meltdown

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March 7, 2022

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As a family photographer and part time babysitter, I work with kids all the time and I absolutely love it! Kids are so much fun and make every session different! Today, I’m sharing my top tips on how to best prepare your kids for your photo session to avoid a meltdown.

Portraits of smiling kids at Ault Park

How to Prepare Your Kids to Avoid a Meltdown

Set Expectations

MOST IMPORTANT TIP! Explain to them WHY you’re having photos taken and what they can expect BEFORE you arrive. Tell them how much these photos mean to you and how much you would love to have a photo with them. We will have fun and play, not just boring posing.

Bring All the Snacks

Trust me when I say that bribing works. I recommend that your kiddos are fed before you arrive. However, I do know that kids are snack monsters and it’s probably their favorite meal. Pack a bag with their favorite non-messy snacks. Fruit snacks or Puffs work great! No messy snacks to get on their nice outfits that I know you worked hard to pick out for them.

Plan an Fun Activity After Your Session

Lastly, continue your day with a fun activity after your session. Go to the playground or out for ice cream to continue making memories with your family. Bribing can also come in here. This gives your kids something to look forward to!

All of this being said, I KNOW every kid is different. If they’re not having it, we’ll work with them! I’ll let them take the lead. They will have fun and I’ll pivot if needed. Snack and play breaks are allowed! At the end of the day, your kiddos won’t be little for very long and this season won’t last forever, but your photos will!

Ault Park family photos in Cincinnati, Ohio

I hope these tips were helpful on how to prepare your kids for your session!

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